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Full Day Tour in Bintan with Custom Itineraries

Explore Bintan Island in just one day, with tour durations ranging from 8 to 10 hours.

By choosing a full day tour with custom itineraries, you have the freedom to select the destinations you want to visit.

Before diving into the details of the places you want to visit, the best way to enjoy a full day tour in Bintan is by hiring Bintan Charter Services & a Private Driver.

This will make your trip easier, as the driver will accompany you to all the spots you want to see. Plus, you’ll also get additional recommendations if you need them.

What to Expect from a Full Day Tour in Bintan

You can choose from popular tourist spots in Bintan or explore them all. Here’s a list of recommended destinations to consider for your full day tour:

1. Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm

Safari Lagoi Bintan

Located in the Bintan Resort area, this eco-farm lets you meet orangutans, sun bears, and elephants while learning about sustainable farming practices and conservation efforts. 

To visit this place, the cost is IDR 150,000 per person. However, children under 100 cm can enter for free. They accept both cash payments in IDR and credit cards.

2. Bintan Mangrove Discovery

Bintan Mangrove

A popular tourist activity in Bintan, this tour lets you explore vital ecosystems with local guides and spot creatures like snakes and lizards. The tour includes a 60-minute boat ride on the Sebung River.

The cost of this boat tour is IDR 350,000 per adult and IDR 250,000 per child. The tour lasts about an hour. They accept both cash and credit card payments.

3. See Fireflies

See fireflies in Bintan

Also at the Bintan Mangrove, take a boat ride on the Sebung River to see and even touch mesmerizing fireflies. Firefly viewing starts at 6:30 PM.

The price is the same as the Bintan Mangrove tour, but the duration is about 45 minutes.

4. Visit the Sleeping Buddha Statue at Tanjunguban Small Town

Sleeping Buddha

Find tranquility in Tanjunguban Small Town, where you can relax amidst soothing chants and incense, making it an ideal spot for prayers and meditation. This is located at the northern tip of Bintan.

5. Visit Bintan Sand Dunes

Bintan Sand Dunes Private Tour

Explore the stunning Bintan Sand Dunes in Busung, North Bintan. Enjoy scenic views and take memorable photos, with our guide ready to help capture your moments.

6. Visit Blue Lake Bintan

Bintan Blue Lake

A popular spot in Bintan, Blue Lake is perfect for taking beautiful photos and enjoying the serene surroundings. 

7. Photo with an Eagle

pose with eagle at Blue Lake

At the Sand Dunes or Blue Lake, you can take a photo with a majestic eagle weighing around 2-3 kg, creating a unique and memorable experience.

8. Ride an ATV

Ride ATV in Bintan

Enjoy an ATV ride covering around 10 kilometers while taking in the beautiful scenery. The chosen locations are not only picturesque but also include insurance for the ATV ride.

9. Visit Souvenir Shop (Pondok Bintan 11)

Pondok Bintan 11

Browse homemade souvenirs, including bracelets, clothing, and traditional Kue Lapis cakes. You can pre-order Kue Lapis or sample it before purchasing.

10. Visit 500 Lohan Temple

500 Lohan Temple gate

Located in Tanjungpinang, South Bintan, this popular temple features numerous statues with unique facial expressions, each conveying a special message.

11. Visit the Local Market

Tanjungpinang Market

In Tanjungpinang, South Bintan, the local market offers a variety of local products and cultural experiences.

Visit in the morning, as most shops close by 2 PM, and bring cash for purchases and bargaining.

12. Visit Tanjungpinang City Center

Tanjungpinang City Center

This mall in Tanjungpinang City offers fashion stores, accessories, a hypermart, local restaurants, and even a cinema.

13. Stop at Massage Center


Your full day tour can include a stop at a massage center. We can arrange it for you, or if you have a preferred spa, let us know, and we’ll make the arrangements.

14. Bintan Seafood

Banner Seafood

Famous for fresh seafood, many restaurants in Bintan are known as Kelong Seafood. During your tour, you can enjoy lunch or dinner at a seafood restaurant.

If you have specific food preferences like local dishes or vegan options, inform us, and we’ll find suitable restaurants for you.

Book Full Day Tour in Bintan With Custom Itineraries

Booking a full-day tour in Bintan with custom itineraries is easy. You can hire Bintan Charter Services & Private Driver and consult with them about the places you want to visit.

The tourist spots mentioned are located in the Bintan Resort area, and in the north, south, and east of Bintan.

Just contact us and share your plans, and we will help you arrange everything. If you want to book the Mangrove tour, a massage, or see the fireflies, just let us know. We’ll make the bookings at the best times for you.

Don’t wait any longer—hire Bintan Charter Services & Private Driver now to consult and get the best rates.

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