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Bintan Blue Lake

Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes

Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes, a must-visit destination on Bintan Island. Located in the northern part of Bintan, this spot offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and adventure, ideal for capturing unforgettable moments.

Want to visit this spot? Here’s what you can expect and how to get there easily for a smooth and personalized journey

What to Expect Visit This Place

When you visit Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes, here’s what you can look forward to:

1. Explore Bintan Sand Dunes

Bintan Sand Dunes Private Tour

The Bintan Sand Dunes is a great place to explore in the surrounding area. Here, you’ll find plenty of spots to capture stunning photos.

You can cherish moments with family, friends, or your partner while enjoying the beauty all around.

2. Visit Blue Lake Bintan

Bintan Blue Lake

Blue Lake Bintan is the icon of this location because it’s perfect for taking photos.

And of course, there’s not just one Blue Lake in this area; there are several more that you can visit while snapping away some photos.

3. Sail a Slow Boat Around Blue Lake

Slow Boat around Blue Lake Bintan

At the Blue Lake area, you’ll find the Sail Slow Boat activity, where you can make the most of your time by sailing around Blue Lake.

While enjoying the scenery, you can also capture some amazing video shots.

4. Pose with an Eagle

pose with eagle at Blue Lake

At this location, there’s an eagle weighing around 2-3 KG. You can take photos with the eagle, choosing either the Sand Dunes or Blue Lake as your backdrop.

5. Ride an ATV

ATV at Bintan Dessert & Blue Lake Bintan

For those of you craving adventure, you can try ATV riding at an affordable price.

You can enjoy ATV rides around the Sand Dunes area. Plus, there’s a guide instructor available to lead you to the best tracks around the Sand Dunes and through the jungle.

Getting to Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes

Getting to Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes is easy and convenient.

Due to the located in the north of Bintan, The simplest way is to book a Blue Lake & Sand Dunes Private Trip & Tour.

This service offers private transportation and a driver /guide, tailored to your preferences.

We provide this service on our E-commerce Travel Platform, allowing you to check availability, prices, and make bookings online effortlessly.

Our this private tour & trip can be customized to include stops at nearby restaurants, souvenir & Kue Lapis shops.

Additionally, you can have the opportunity by visiting the Bintan Mangrove / see fireflies or enjoying a massage at a nearby Massage center. We can arrange these activities.

Since the location is in the North area, it would be a pity to only visit this one place.

There are several other places mentioned above that you can visit without any additional transportation costs.

Ensuring you get the most out of your visit. We’ll make sure you’re dropped off at your desired location after your tour.

Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll arrange everything through our Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes Private Trip service.

This personalized approach ensures you can enjoy your tour & trip at your own pace without feeling rushed.

You can check our availability and see prices online at Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes Private Tour & Trip.

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