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Bintan Snorkeling Tour

The snorkeling spot near White Sand Island on the east side of Bintan is like a dream for anyone who loves snorkeling.

The water is incredibly clear, so much so that you might even see clownfish right below you while you’re exploring underwater!

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Bintan Snorkeling Tour

Here's Itineraries for Bintan Snorkeling Tours

Bintan Taxi Type of car

Private Transport to Jetty and Back (Round Trip)

We will provide private transportation to pick you up from your hotel and take you to the jetty ( Return )

Snorkeling boat transfer

From the jetty to the snorkeling spot.

You will be taking a boat from the jetty to the snorkeling spot, which will take around 15 minutes.

Best Snorkeling Area

Arriving at the snorkeling area

Once you arrive at the snorkeling area (Kelong), you can prepare yourself for snorkeling. There are washrooms, changing rooms, and storage areas available for your belongings.

Snorkeling adventure

Snorkeling Adventure

Before starting the snorkeling adventure, an experienced guide will provide a short briefing and assist you in choosing the available snorkeling equipment. If you're a beginner, the guide will accompany you throughout the snorkeling experience.


Kayaking around the Kelong area.

You can also go kayaking here. Just let your guide know, and they will provide the kayak along with a life jacket for you.

Fun fishing after Snorkeling

Fun Fishing

Here, you can enjoy fishing around the Kelong area while taking in the scenery. The equipment will be provided

Best Seafood restaurants in Bintan

Lunch option

There's a small restaurant here that offers fried noodles and noodle soup. It's open intermittently. If you'd like to have lunch, you can stop by the restaurant on your way back. Just let us know during your reservation or inform your driver.

Snorkeling boat transfer

Back to Jetty

After you've finished activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and fun fishing, you'll be taken back to the jetty. Make sure you have all your belongings with you and nothing is left behind.

Bintan Taxi Type of car

From the jetty to your hotel, or stopping by a restaurant for lunch.

Your driver will take you back to your hotel, or if you'd like to stop by the restaurant for lunch, just let your driver know. The driver will be on standby while you have your lunch.

Pondok Bintan 11

Pondok Bintan 11

Need to pick up something on your way back? Just let your driver know! They'll take you to any spot you like, whether it's a mini-mart or a souvenir shop.


Stop at Massage Center (optional)

On your way back to the hotel, you have the option to visit massage centers. Just let us know when you book, or inform your private driver. We'll take you there, and the driver will wait for you without any additional charges for taxi services.

Arrive at hotel after tour

Arrive in Hotel

Plan for 7-8 hours of fun! Take your time - enjoy every moment of snorkeling and the scenic journey. If it goes beyond 8 hours because of stops at convenient shops, lunch, or a massage, there won't be any extra charges. Just relax and enjoy a seamless experience.

Bintan Snorkeling Tour Packages

Join us for an adventure beneath the waves and discover the beauty that lies beneath the surface.

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