Best Seafood restaurants in Bintan

Top 6 Seafood Restaurants to Try in Bintan Island

Bintan Island isn’t just famous for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts; it’s also renowned for its delicious seafood.

If you’re planning a vacation in Bintan, you should definitely try dining at one of the island’s seafood restaurants to make your trip even more memorable.

Here are the top six seafood restaurants you must explore during your visit to Bintan Island.

1. Kelong Seafood Restaurant at Nirwana Garden Resort

Seafood Kelong Seafood Restaurant

Kelong Seafood Restaurant is one of the best seafood spots on Bintan Island, nestled within the Nirwana Garden Resort area.

Here, you can savor the freshest seafood while enjoying the gentle sea breeze and a breathtaking view of the South China Sea. Try signature dishes like Gong-Gong (sea snails), Black Pepper Crab, and Stir Fried Butter Prawns, prepared with a delightful blend of Asian and local flavors.

This restaurant is perched on stilts above the sea, creating a charming oasis for couples and families.

Accessing it is easy; simply take a taxi to reach this wonderful seafood haven.

2. Bintan Brother Seafood

Bintan Brother Seafood

There are two Bintan Brother Seafood restaurants on the island. One is near Simpang Lagoi (around the Bintan Resort Gate Area), and the other is in Teluk Sebong. Both offer delicious seafood. The Simpang Lagoi location also has a food court nearby, but it operates only in the evenings.

Meanwhile, the Bintan Brother Seafood in Teluk Sebong offers a kelong-like experience, allowing you to enjoy the sea view while indulging in your seafood feast.

3. Kelong Mangrove Restaurant

Seafood Kelong Mangrove Restaurant

Located in the Bintan Resort area, Teluk Sebong, the Kelong Mangrove Restaurant offers a delectable selection of seafood delicacies.

What makes it unique is its location on a kelong (stilt house over the water). To reach the restaurant, you’ll need to take a short boat ride of just five minutes.

It’s perfect for those who have just finished a mangrove tour and want to relish some fresh seafood. If you’re staying in the Bintan Resort area, booking a taxi is a breeze.

The friendly driver will assist with your transfer, boat ride, and even table reservations. Boat transfers are complimentary.

4. BBM Seafood BBQ Restaurant

BBM Seafood BBQ Restaurant

BBM Seafood BBQ Restaurant isn’t located on a kelong, but it’s conveniently situated in Plaza Mall Lagoi Bay, just a 5-minute drive from Lagoi Bay Beach.

This is an ideal spot for a seafood lunch or dinner if you’re in the Lagoi Bay area. It’s also within walking distance of Grand Lagoi, The Sanchaya, and Kamuela Lagoi Bay Villa, as it’s situated right inside the mall.

For those staying elsewhere, transportation will be needed to reach this restaurant.

5. Family Kelong Restaurant

Seafood Family Kelong Restaurant

If you’re looking for affordable seafood dining on Bintan Island, Family Kelong Restaurant is a great choice. This local seafood restaurant, location not in Bintan Resort area, is strategically located and popular among tourists.

It’s only a 10-minute drive from Blue Lake Bintan Sand Dunes. Many tourists visit Blue Lake Bintan and then stop here for lunch. They also serve fresh seafood, just like the other seafood restaurants.

6. Ciu Yong Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Ciu Yong Restaurant

Like Family Kelong Restaurant, Ciu Yong Seafood Restaurant is another local eatery on Bintan Island, about a 15-minute drive from Blue Lake Bintan. They specialize in Chinese-style seafood dishes.

If you plan to visit, we highly recommend booking private return taxi since the location is a bit remote, and there are no taxi services in the area.

So, whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or just curious to try some local flavors, make sure to visit these amazing seafood restaurants during your Bintan Island adventure.

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