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About Grab & Gojek in Bintan

Grab & Gojek in Bintan Island

Many travelers often wonder whether they can access Gojek or Grab services in Bintan Island when planning their visit to this beautiful destination.

If you are one of those curious individuals seeking this information, below are the explanation

Is There Grab & Gojek in Bintan Island?

Currently, there is no Gojek or Grab service available in Bintan Island. These popular ride-hailing services are only accessible in Tanjungpinang City area, the main city of Bintan Island.

The absence of such services on the island may be attributed to the limited demand.

What transportation options are available in Bintan ?

The best transportation option is Bintan Taxi Services.

This services makes it easy for you to go anywhere without worrying about the route.

It’s a popular choice, especially for people who want to explore Bintan which is for half day or full day.¬†

For more details, you can read about Getting Around Bintan: Best Transportation Options.

Here, you can consider and choose the service that best fits your needs during your stay in Bintan.

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