How to get to Bintan Island : Travel Guide

Getting to Bintan Island: A Comprehensive Guide

Bintan Island is a stunning spot in Indonesia that attracts tourists from all over.

Whether you’re traveling from nearby Singapore or from farther away, there are a few ways to get to this paradise.

In this travel guide, we’ll go through four routes to reach Bintan Island, each with its own perks and travel times.

You get to choose what works best for your travel plans! Let’s get started on this adventure!

1. From Singapore to Bintan Ferry Terminal

If you’re coming from Singapore, this route is a piece of cake!

Start your adventure at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, which is conveniently close to Changi Airport.

First things first, make sure to book your ferry ticket.

Opt for the Bintan Resort Ferry for a relaxing 60-minute trip from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan Ferry Terminal, also known as Bandar Bentan Telani (BBT).

Bintan Resort Ferries
One of Bintan Resort Ferries

Booking your ferry ticket early is a smart move, especially for weekends and public holidays, to make sure you get a spot.

To check prices, availability, and make online bookings hassle-free, just click here.

Now, once you arrive at Bandar Bentan Telani and need to get to your Bintan hotel, you have a couple of options.

For hotels in the Bintan Resort area, they usually offer shuttle services from Bandar Bentan Telani. Just reach out to them and give them your arrival details.

Easy peasy!

If your hotel is outside the Bintan Resort area, you’ll want to go for Bintan Taxi services.

This gives you a private car and driver. You can request this based on your schedule.

Just let them know how many people are with you and the details of your arrival and the name of your hotel in Bintan.

That’s it! All set for a smooth ride to your Bintan paradise.

2: From Singapore to Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal

Here’s another route that kicks off from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore, but this time, you’ll land at Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, the main city on Bintan Island.

This option comes in handy if the Bintan Resort Ferries are all booked up. Plus, it gives you a chance to check out the sights in Tanjungpinang before making your way to your hotel.

There are two ferry operators to choose from for this route: Sindo Ferry and Majestic.

Sindo Ferries
Sindo ferry
Majestic Ferry
Majestic Ferry

If you go with Sindo Ferry, the journey lasts about 2 hours, while Majestic takes roughly 1 hour and 40 minutes.

It’s a good call to book your ferry ticket ahead of time to avoid any fully booked situations.

To check out the ferry ticket prices and compare, click on this link.

Once you arrive at Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, you’ll need a taxi to get to your hotel on Bintan Island.

With Taxi Services, your driver will be all set and waiting at Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, holding a sign with your name to greet you as you arrive at the gate.

Also, if you have any plans after touching down at Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, feel free to let them know in advance.

Whether you’re keen on grabbing a bite at a restaurant first or maybe want to visit some attractions on the way to your hotel, you can request it.

Simply share your ferry arrival details, your plans, and make sure to book ahead for a smooth and well-organized journey.

Your ride to your hotel will be a breeze, making your trip even more enjoyable!

3: From Other Indonesian Cities to Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport

Tanjungpinang City has an airport called Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport, which serves domestic flights from cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Pekanbaru, and others in Indonesia.

If you’re coming from Indonesia, you can choose flights to this airport.

If you’re coming from another country, you’ll first need to fly to Jakarta and then take a connecting flight from Jakarta to Tanjungpinang Airport.

Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport

If you require a private arrival transfer from the airport, we are here to help.

Our dedicated driver will be ready and waiting for you, even if your flight is delayed.

Just let us know your flight details and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

4: From Batam to Tanjunguban Port by Domestic Ferry

If you’re in Batam, consider taking a domestic ferry to Tanjunguban Town. Tickets can be purchased at Telaga Punggur Batam, and the speed boat ride to Tanjunguban takes about 20-25 minutes.

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