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Best Places to Visit in Bintan : Discover the Hidden Gems

If you’re thinking about going on a trip to Bintan and want to visit some cool spots, here’s a list of popular places you should check out on Bintan Island!

Remember, Bintan is made up of a few areas. Each area is about a 1-hour journey from one to the next.

Before diving into the best places to visit in Bintan, If you’re planning to visit for few areas, consider for book Bintan Charter Services & Private Driver

Bintan Resort Area
North of Bintan & Simpang Lagoi Area
East of Bintan
Tanjungpinang City ( South of Bintan )

Bintan Resort Area

Here’s a list of tourist spots within Bintan Resort! Besides the various luxurious hotels and resorts available, there are also a few places you can visit.

1. Lagoi Bay Beach

Lagoi Bay ( Places )

Lagoi Bay Beach in Bintan Resort offers 3.5 kilometers of gorgeous white sand beaches.

Besides enjoying the beach, you can try activities like beach volleyball, swimming, and kayaking.

It’s also near Plaza Lagoi/Lagoi Bay Mall, where you can find restaurants like Warung Yeah and BBM Seafood & BBQ Restaurant.

If you’re staying at Grand Lagoi, Kamuela Lagoi Bay Villa, The Sanchaya, or Four Points, it’s a short walk away.

2. Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm

Taxi to Safari Lagoi & Eco Farm

At Safari Lagoi, you’re not just going to a zoo; it’s a special place dedicated to protecting endangered animals in Indonesia.

When you visit, you might see creatures like orangutans and sun bears, many of whom have been rescued from illegal trade or are recovering from illness.

Your visit helps take care of them, giving them a safe home where they can thrive.

Explore the vibrant bird-filled aviary or check out the lush eco-farm. It’s a sustainable paradise of organic fruits and fish spread across 17 hectares.

3. Treasure Bay

Treasure Bay Images

Treasure Bay Bintan, a 6.3-hectare man-made seawater lagoon, is a paradise for both adventure enthusiasts and relaxation seekers.

It’s an ideal spot for families due to the wide range of activities available. From ATV rides and slip and slides for an adrenaline rush to leisurely scooter rentals for exploring at your own pace.

Water lovers will enjoy the crystal-clear waters, perfect for cable skiing or kayaking around the lagoon. With its specially filtered seawater, Treasure Bay ensures aquatic fun all year round.

If you’re vacationing in Bintan and staying at Natra Bintan or Anmon Resort, you’re in luck! Treasure Bay is right nearby, just a short walk away.

North of Bintan & Simpang Lagoi Area

North of Bintan and the Simpang Lagoi area (Bintan Resort Gate) are not too far if you’re staying in the Bintan Resort area.

Here’s a list of the tourist spots in this area!

1. Bintan Mangrove

Bintan Mangrove

Bintan Mangrove is a highly popular destination in Bintan, frequently visited by travelers. During your vacation in Bintan, don’t miss the chance to explore this place.

Here, you can hop on a boat with professional guides who will take you through various spots and provide explanations along the way.

The tour usually lasts around 1 hour, allowing you to immerse yourself in the beauty of Sebung River.

And if you’re lucky, you might spot some wildlife along the Sebung River, such as monkeys and more.

2. Bintan Fireflies

At the Mangrove Jetty, you can have a magical encounter with fireflies, which is a top activity! This special experience happens along the Sebung River also.

You’ll hop on a boat with a friendly guide to cruise through these enchanting waters. The best time to see the fireflies is in the evening, starting around 6:30 PM.

The whole adventure lasts about 45 to 60 minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the sparkling beauty of these glowing insects.

Sleeping Buddha

Step into tranquility at the magnificent Buddha statue! Feel the serene atmosphere, listen to calming chants, and breathe in the comforting aroma of incense.

For our Buddhist friends, it’s a serene sanctuary for prayer and inner peace. And be sure to capture these serene moments with some photos to treasure!

4. Spa & Massage Center


In Bintan, you’ll find wonderful Spa Centers waiting for you! If you’re here to relax, treat yourself to a soothing massage. There are plenty of treatments to choose from.

Especially after a full day tours exploring or half day trip exploration, it’s the perfect way to unwind and pamper yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a quick escape or a full day of relaxation, Bintan’s spa options have got you covered!

5. Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes

Blue Lake Bintan Private Tour

When you’re vacationing in Bintan, don’t miss out on the famous Blue Lake Bintan & Sand Dunes! These spots are incredibly popular for good reason to visit

Explore the Bintan Sand Dunes and discover perfect photo spots.

The stunning Blue Lake Bintan also makes for a fantastic backdrop for your pictures.

Besides exploring and capturing photos, there are other activities to enjoy too!

You can hop on an affordable ATV adventure, take photos with majestic eagles, or even try your hand at archery.

This place is full of fun things to do and memories to make upon visit this place.

6. Pondok Bintan 11

Pondok Bintan 11

Don’t forget to stop by this place!

Whether you’re planning a visit or adding it to your Bintan exploration itinerary, this spot is a treasure trove of goodies.

From souvenirs to the famous Lapis Legit cake, they’ve got everything you need.

You’ll find a delightful selection of locally-made items, from clothes to snacks, each crafted with care.

It’s the perfect place to find special keepsakes to take home from your Bintan adventure!

East of Bintan

East of Bintan offers several tourist spots worth visiting.

In addition to numerous accommodation options, there are also two popular places you can explore, one of which is located near White Sand Island.

1. Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach

Trikora Beach is also a popular spot in Bintan, but it’s mainly frequented by domestic travelers.

When you visit this place, you’ll be greeted by pristine white sand beaches. You can take leisurely strolls along the shore or enjoy water activities in the area.

However, please note that there are no lifeguards if you decide to swim. Additionally, on weekends or public holidays, this place tends to be crowded with domestic travelers.

In the vicinity, you can also spot kelongs (traditional fishing platforms) and there are cottages, like the ones shown in the picture above, where you can sit back and relax.

2. Bintan Neemo

Bintan Snorkeling Tour

Bintan Neemo, situated near White Sand Island, is a must-visit spot reachable by boat.

It’s a water sports paradise! You can enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, and fun fishing activities here.

Known for its incredible snorkeling opportunities, Bintan Neemo is a top choice for visitors.

Whether you’re exploring colorful reefs or paddling in the clear waters, it’s the perfect place to experience the beauty of the sea.

Tanjungpinang ( South of Bintan )

Tanjungpinang City sits in the southern part of Bintan and acts as the island’s capital.

While there are plenty of places to explore here, it’s approximately a 1 hour and 20-minute drive from the Bintan Resort area, depending on your hotel’s location.

1. 500 Lohan Temple

500 Lohan Temple gate

Discover the enchantment of the 500 Lohan Temple, also called the Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva temple, right in the heart of Tanjungpinang (South of Bintan)!

Prepare to be captivated by the grand entrance, featuring a magnificent statue and breathtaking architecture that invite you in with open arms.

What makes this spot so unique? Here, you’ll find 500 distinct Lohan statues, each with its own captivating expression, as well as rows of statues depicting various Buddhist deities.

It’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a glimpse into the rich spiritual heritage of the region.

2. Local Market

Tanjungpinang Market

Looking for an exciting adventure? Make your way to the vibrant Local Market in Tanjungpinang, situated on Jalan Potong Lembu!

This bustling spot is the bustling heart of trade in the city, offering you the chance to dive into the excitement of bargaining for local delights.

From crispy kerupuk to tasty Ikan Bilis, there’s a wealth of items waiting for you to discover. It’s recommended to visit in the morning, as some stalls begin to close around noon.

And don’t forget to bring along some Indonesian cash for your shopping spree!

3. Tanjungpinang City Center

Tanjungpinang City Center

Let’s talk about Tanjungpinang City Center, a mall nestled right in the heart of the city.

Now, this isn’t your average city mall, so brace yourself for a one-of-a-kind shopping adventure! Inside, you’ll discover shops like Hypermart, Matahari, and chic fashion boutiques just waiting to be discovered.

And when hunger strikes, there’s no shortage of tasty food options to curb those cravings.

So, if you’re in the mood for some shopping , this is the ultimate spot to be in Tanjungpinang!

4. Manabu Cafe & Restaurants

Manabu Resturant

When you’re in Tanjungpinang city or exploring the area, make sure to visit Manabu Restaurant!

Nestled on a hill, it boasts stunning sea views overlooking Penyengat Island.

Imagine a cozy café-style spot, ideal for capturing the mesmerizing sunset in the late afternoon

The menu offers a delicious fusion of Indonesian and Western cuisine, but it’s the breathtaking ocean view at sunset that truly steals the spotlight.

Whether you’re here for the food or the view, Manabu guarantees an unforgettable experience during your Bintan adventure!

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