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How to Get to Your Hotel in Bintan: Arrival Transfer Guide

If you’re getting ready for a fun trip to Bintan Island and you’ve already got your hotel booked, there’s one super important thing to know about: how to get from the ferry terminal or airport to your hotel.

Especially if this is your first visit to Bintan, it’s natural to want to gather all the details to make sure everything goes smoothly.

No worries! Figuring out how to get to your hotel after you arrive is actually quite simple. It’s all about making sure you reach your place to stay without any stress.

Here’s everything you need to know to have a super easy and fantastic time during your stay in Bintan!

1. Arrival Transfer by Hotel Transportation

The great news about Bintan is that most hotels offer pick-up services from both the airport and the ferry terminal for their guests.

And guess what? Some hotels even do this for free! Though, there are a few that might charge for fee for the service.

Here’s what you do: Before you head off on your trip, reach out to your hotel. Let them know when you’ll be arriving in Bintan.

Share your details like the date, time, and where you’ll be coming from—whether it’s the Bintan Ferry terminal, Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, or the Airport.

Once they have this info, they’ll guide you on what to do next if you want to use their transportation service. This might include options like a shuttle bus or a taxi.

2. Approaching the Taxi Counter at the Arrival Hall

When you arrive at either the Bintan Ferry terminal or the Airport, you’ll find taxi counters right there for your convenience.

These counters are usually easy to spot in the arrival hall. So, no need to worry about wandering around trying to find your ride!

However, keep in mind that during busy hours or peak times, there might be a bit of a line at the taxi counter. This could mean a wait before you’re on your way to your hotel.

It’s also good to know that taxi counters often charge slightly higher fares compared to independent taxis or ride-sharing services. This is because they might include extra fees or surcharges.

The best advice? Check first! Ask about the rates and any additional charges before you hop into a taxi.

Also, remember that taxi fares can vary depending on where you’re going, so it’s a good idea to confirm the fare with them right there at the counter. That way, you’ll have a smooth ride and no surprises when you reach your destination!

3. Private Arrival Transfer Service With Bintan Tax Services

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to get to your hotel in Bintan, consider booking the arrival transfer service through Bintan Travel Guide.

Aside from offering a handy travel guide, Bintan Travel Guide also provides taxi services with private drivers, custom tours and sightseeing plans, and, of course, arrival transfers.

We specialize in private arrival transfers from the Bintan Ferry Terminal, Tanjungpinang Ferry Terminal, and the airport.

Here’s the best part: when you book with Bintan Travel Guide, you get a private transfer, not a shared shuttle. Your reservation is confirmed, so no need to worry.

Our drivers will be right there for you, even if your flight or ferry is delayed. They’ll greet you at the arrival gate with a sign bearing your name. A day before your arrival, you’ll receive details about your driver who will ensure a smooth transition from your arrival to your hotel.

We highly recommend booking in advance so we can plan everything perfectly, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable arrival experience for you.

With these convenient options for arrival transfers in Bintan, you can relax and focus on making the most of your vacation!

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