Restaurants in Bintan Island

Indulge in a culinary delight in Bintan as you explore a diverse selection of restaurants offering a range of delectable cuisines, from local delicacies to seafood flavors, ensuring a memorable dining experience

Restaurants around Bintan Resort Area

Seafood Kelong Seafood Restaurant

Kelong Seafood Restaurant Restaurants

Kelong Seafood Restaurant in Nirwana Garden Resort offers the freshest seafood with signature dishes in a stunning seafront setting.

Warug Yeah Bintan

Warung Yeah

Warung Yeah located at Lagoi Bay, Bintan, offers a blend of traditional Javanese recipes and modern twists. Enjoy authentic Javanese cuisine by close to the beach.

BBM Seafood BBQ Restaurant

BBM Seafood BBQ Restaurant

BBM Seafood BBQ in Plaza Mall Lagoi Bay offers delicious seafood just a 2-minute walk from Lagoi Bay Beach, perfect for lunch or dinner.

Pujasera Lagoi Bintan

Pujasera Lagoi

Pujasera Lagoi, in Bintan Resort area, offers affordable local dishes and snacks, including Nasi Padang. Open daily 7 AM to 12 AM.

Seafood Kelong Mangrove Restaurant

Kelong Mangrove restaurant

Kelong Mangrove Restaurant in Bintan Resort offers seafood in a traditional kelong above the water, accessible by a quick 5-minute boat ride

Restaurants Around West Area of Bintan Island

Bintan Brother Seafood

Bintan Brother Seafood

Bintan Brother Seafood has two convenient locations near Bintan Resort. One in Simpang Lagoi and the other in Teluk Sebong, offering seafood and scenic views. Open daily 10 AM to 11 PM.

Seafood Family Kelong Restaurant

Family Kelong Restaurant

Family Kelong Restaurant, a budget-friendly seafood spot on Bintan Island, is a favorite among tourists. Only a 10-minute drive from Blue Lake Bintan Sand Dunes.

Seafood Ciu Yong Restaurant

Ciu Yong Seafood Restaurant

Ciu Yong Seafood Restaurant, though not in the Bintan Resort area, remains popular among tourists. Visitors often stop by for seafood, whether for lunch or dinner.

Restaurants Around Tanjungpinang City

Manabu Resturant

Manabu Restaurant

Visit Manabu Restaurant in Tanjungpinang for a sea-view dining experience. Enjoy Indonesian and Western cuisine while capturing breathtaking sunsets.

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